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Leading the Way
in Clinical Trial Management

Revolutionizing clinical trials through a decentralized approach, offering exceptional management services for research studies nationwide.

Clinical Excellence

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of clinical excellence, ensuring superior quality and outcomes in every trial we manage.

Meticulous Documentation

We prioritize meticulous documentation in all phases of clinical trials, guaranteeing accuracy, compliance, and thorough record-keeping for unparalleled reliability.

Efficient Study Management

We simplify clinical trial processes, offering streamlined study management to ease the burden on researchers and healthcare professionals.

At Cenit Life Sciences, our mission is to revolutionize the field of clinical research by fostering a decentralized, inclusive approach. We strive to extend the reach of clinical studies to underserved communities, ensuring a diverse representation in research. Our commitment lies in empowering physicians with comprehensive management and coordination tools, thereby advancing healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

Cenit Life Sciences

With over 80 years of combined healthcare expertise, we aim to drive progress in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on ease and accessibility in clinical research.

Cenit Life Sciences

Our focus is on creating innovative solutions that simplify the complexities of clinical studies, bring forth opportunities to underserved areas, and contribute to the advancement of global healthcare through diverse, inclusive research practices.

Cenit Life Sciences


Leading the way in decentralized clinical trials, Cenit Life Sciences offers thorough oversight of ongoing studies, focusing on maintaining quality and integrity throughout the trial process.


We provide end-to-end management of clinical trials, ensuring seamless administration and operational efficiency from start to finish.

Clinical Trial

We specialize in identification and selection of clinical trials that maximize patient recruitment needs for sponsors while meeting research goals of our customers and Principal Investigators. Our turn-key approach optimizes site selection, budgeting and contracting.

Trial Package

We specialize in creating comprehensive trial packages, encompassing all necessary materials and documentation for successful study execution.

Study Site

Our team expertly sets up and prepares study sites, ensuring they meet all requirements for conducting clinical trials effectively.


We provide rigorous regulatory oversight and management, ensuring all trials comply with relevant laws and ethical standards.


Our services include comprehensive management of Contract Research Organizations (CROs), ensuring efficient and effective collaboration.

Traditional Methods Just Don’t Measure Up

Trial Disruption

Approximately 80% of traditional clinical trials are delayed or closed because of problems with recruitment.


37% of sites under-enroll volunteers and 11% fail to enroll a single patient.

Budget Waste

The estimated cost of patient recruitment is 40% of the total clinical trial budget in traditional clinical trials, which is $1.89B.

Clinical Trial Management is Revolutionizing the Industry

The Evolving Role of Decentralized Clinical Trials and Digital Health Technologies

No place like home? Stepping up the decentralization of clinical trials.